On the Side

Creative work I've done "on the side" to keep myself busy.

Project Garageband

I cannot imply that I am musically inclined. In fact, I was the token "not band" kid in my group of band-geek friends. I attempted to gain some skills with audio editing and decided to create an old fashioned chiptune. A chiptune is 8- or 16-bit music that usually accompanied the first generation of video games. You know, the ones you'd pay a quarter at your local arcade? Regardless, I think it's safe to say I won't be producing any professional level house music any time soon. Definitely a change of pace and I felt as if I was exploring with my ears instead of my eyes.

Watercolor Markers

I saw a bucket of clearance watercolor markers the other day and picked up one or two to give a try. I follow a steady stream of artists from all mediums (for inspirational purposes as well as pure fangirling) and had watched my fair share of timelapse videos with these markers. I gave it a shot and one week later, I now own over thirty of these watercolor markers. My wallet is hurting and my sketchbook hasn't seen this much color since... well ever. But I'm pretty definitively obsessed.