Promotional Materials

Personal Branding Development

Building your own brand is a big deal when you're a designer. It says a lot about your style, your voice, and the flavor of your design. As such, I've developed two main identities for my work; the sleek professional side and the elegant artist side.

With those two identities come two brands. I like to think of them as my two children, who like to wear different outfits and are unique in their own way. One is chic and gets straight down to business while the other is a little more playful and likes to experiment.

As such, I've designed and developed print promotional materials for the two. It's always a good thing to have some business cards on hand or a hard copy of your portfolio. When it comes to digital versus print, the answer is almost always both.

I thought about picking one over the other but any mother will tell you she doesn't have a favorite.

Well, neither do I.

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