Brilliant was usually the descriptor uttered by clients when viewing Mar's design work. Mar is the top hand at all forms of design -- it is an absolute pleasure to watch Mar start from scratch with logo and complete a full design package. It's also a pleasure to work with Mar. He's a great collaborator and team builder, which I did on many a campaign, ad and event. There's no cookie-cutter or style crutch to Mars work. Each job is a "tabula rasa" and the final results are a masterpiece. I'd work with Mar Muyco anytime, anyplace.
Ben Marion
Creative Director - The Creative Gene

With his many years of experience as an AD Mar is a HUGE asset to any creative team. Creatively, Mar is able to pull from his vast experience as an AD and incorporate current creative trends into his creative direction. Mar is also a great mentor. Taking young creatives under his wing, bringing them up to speed on processes and procedures in the workplace while imparting a strong work ethic and a solid foundation for career growth.
Cynthia Jacobsen
Senior Resource Manager - Razorfish

When you work with Mar you're not only getting a senior art director on your team, but a hard working professional who's passion for design is surpassed only by his positive attitude. When the pressure is high, and deadlines are looming, the only change in Mar is a bigger smile. It was a pleasure working with someone so positive, and I look forward to our paths crossing again.
Michael Grace
Account Director.Producer - Grace Does

The rewards I gained from working with Mar have served me over my entire design career. His great eye, command of design principles, creativity and unsurpassed skill would benefit any project a client has. He’s a true professional.
Nanette Newbry
Principal, Creative Director Brand Expert - Studio 2055

Mar Muyco is an incredibly talented artist and art director. His designs are exquisite and his vision is cohesive. Not only that, but he is a pleasure to work with. His pleasant demeanor and gentle approach to working with others make him a top catch for any organization. I recommend him very highly.
Sarah McArthur
Writer and Editor - Marshall Goldsmith, Inc., *sdedit

Mar is a talented designer and art director. He's professional, detail-oriented, yet easy going.
Nick Nacca
Photographer - Nick Nacca Photography

"Mar is an outstanding art director
Mar is an outstanding creative director.
Mar is an outstanding graphic designer.
Mar is an outstanding layout specialist.
Mar is an outstanding typographer.
Mar is an outstanding commercial artist.
Mar is an outstanding fine artist.
Mar is outstanding."
Jim Lakdawala
President & CEO - Lak Advertising